Ig-Niv, not ignorant. Linguistics Major. Rutgers NB 2015. K-Pop.
I’ve been drawn cute by many people in my life. This is one of the cutest I’d have to say.This girl (I wish I got her name) from Kogaracon today drew me as a villager from Animal Crossing with the outfit I hadd on. I’d have to say it’s on point especially with my “Shave The Whales” shirt and hat :] 
Henna bracelett
Ughh i love talking to this girll. always such a sweetheart too driving me home when she doesn’t need to :P @himalayanroots
With dah butler~~
With this guy playing rhythm games
@zlandael  (at Livingston Student Center)
And theres my real and less bouncy hair. Noona wae geuraeee
Oppa wae geuraeeee
New sidebar pic along with yet another new theme =P
I’m a Marina and the Diamondseu